Irises Planted

Today I’ve begun planting my backlog of fall bulbs and perennials.  Although my Iris Rhizomes probably should have been planted a few weeks ago, I believe these will be fine.  All were purchased at the Iris farm in Traverse City, a delightful farm worth visiting when the beautiful irises are in full bloom during the month of June.  Today’s rhizome plantings consisted of:  1 ‘Kentucky Derby’, 2 ‘ Swingtown’, 2 ‘Neutron Dance’, 2 ‘Irish Tune’, 2 ‘Rare Treat’.

Neutron Dance, Irish Tune,
Neutron Dance, Irish Tune.
Kentucky Derby, Rare Treat
Kentucky Derby, Rare Treat

Lisianthus Progress Report

image image

ABOVE IS AN updated photo of my germinated Lisianthus.  The true leaves are not present, however, this is no surprise given the nature of this annual in Traverse City, MI.  You will notice a rather large seedling, a celosia annual whose seed managed to springboard to the much smaller cell blocks full of Lisianthis!  It is a nice representation showing the significant size difference between the two annuals sowed on February 1st, 2015.  I’ve also included the end of a pencil in the photograph to assist in showing you the scale of my tiny seedlings.  Enjoy the virtual bouquet purchased yesterday at a local grocery store by my husband.  Quite pretty!  Hope your Valentine’s Day was great!

Photo taken of soil blocks – lisianthus germination


THIS PHOTO WAS taken today of a portion of the soil blocks used for germination of lisianthus seeds.  The photo was taken with an I-pad.  If you look closely you can see a few blocks with tiny green cotyledons (first leaves, not the true leaves).  This is my first experience using soil blocks.  Such a great idea given that there is no need for plastic pots.  Thanks to Johnny’s Selected Seeds for offering such a wonderful product.  Note that this soil block represents the smallest soil block tool or 20, 3/4 inch cells per block.

My first blog post.

Welcome to my first blog post!  As a passionate gardener in Traverse City, Michigan I decided to document my second attempt at growing Lisianthus from seed.  While I had some success in 2014, this year has welcomed success with visible results.  The Mariachi seed sowed indoors under grow lights began to sprout on February 10th.  More details to follow on upcoming posts!

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